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Instructions for Parents

This blog is most certainly a work in progress, and I welcome any instructional ideas, critique or feedback from those actually using it.  I’ve designed the “curriculum” with busy families in mind.

The big picture is this: once a week you’ll sit down with your kids, for 10-15 minutes, and read/teach the “lesson” – Sunday might be a good day.  Then, there are four short, scriptural passages to be read throughout the week, like Monday through Thursday – Friday and Saturday nights are usually pretty busy for families.  I suggest you read out-loud from a kid-friendly version, like the NIV (New International Version) or NLT (New Living Translation) and consider attaching these short readings to another daily routine, like dinner or bedtime.  For the sake of time, the readings are scriptural compilations (for the purpose of condensing a story, they may span several chapters or even books) and illustrate the previous lesson.  They don’t require you to teach or comment – although, I can’t guarantee there won’t be questions.  A short prayer before or after is always a good idea, too.

One last item: I designed the curriculum to be sequential.  So, if you’re new to the blog, start from the beginning – everything is archived in the sidebar on the right.

God speed…

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